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2018 Certified Building Official MG Practice Test

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This online practice exam course is designed for the 2018 Certified Building Official Legal Module, MG certification exam from the ICC. Test yourself on the most important areas of the code and learn the answers to some of the most challenging code questions with the practice exams in this course. Included in these practice exams are the keys to understanding how to take the real code exam. Completing multiple practice questions is essential for passing a building code examination and the best way to eliminate taking the ICC exam multiple times. Practice exams include: - 150 Total questions - 1 Large practice exam with all of the test bank questions - 1 Full practice exam with the same number of questions as the real exam - 1 Timed full practice exam with the same number of questions as the real exam - Code references for every question - Automatic question shuffling - Automatic grading Practice exams cover: - Legislative - Code Enforcement - Human Resources - Public Records Material required: - 2018 International Building Code - 2018 International Fire Code - 2018 International Property Maintenance Code - Legal Aspects of Code Administration, 2017 Edition - Human Resources Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, 4th Edition - Building Department Administration, 5th edition


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