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2021 ICC CBO Legal Module Practice Exam

Building Code Masters' 2021 CBO Legal Module Practice Exam for the ICC Certified Building Official certification stands as an invaluable resource for aspiring professionals seeking to excel in the field of building plan review.

Designed with in-depth knowledge of the Legal Aspects of Code Administration and other required texts, this practice exam offers a comprehensive practice test for candidates to hone their skills and knowledge. It meticulously covers essential topics, ranging from legislative, code enforcement, human resources, and public records.

The exam is designed to simulate real-world scenarios, providing candidates with a practical understanding of the complexities they might encounter in their roles as a building official.

With a focus on clarity and relevance, Building Code Masters' 2021 Practice Exam equips candidates with the confidence and expertise needed to successfully navigate the challenges of the ICC certification.

2021 ICC CBO Legal Module Outline

The outline provided is directly from the specification of the coverage areas that are on the real certification exam from the ICC. All of the information about ICC certifications can be viewed through the ICC exam catalog.

Legislative (11%)

  • Code Adoptions and Amendments (6%)

    • Prepare recommendations for code adoptions and amendments for consideration by local, state, or national governing authorities.

  • Alternative Methods (5%)

    • Establish a Board of Appeals to determine suitability of alternative materials, methods of construction, and code interpretations.

Code Enforcement (50%)

  • Permits, Notices, and Orders (8%)

    • Establish and administer procedures for processing and approval of permit applications, issuance of permits, notices, and orders.

  • Right of Entry (8%)

    • Administer a policy for compulsory legal procedures required for entry to property for authorized purposes.

  • Hazard Abatement (6%)

    • Establish and administer policies for condemnation and abatement of structures and hazardous conditions.

  • Tort Liability (7%)

    • Administer a policy defining tort liability related to malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, and use of threat, intimidation, and coercion.

  • Legal Due Process (6%)

    • Administer a policy for implementing procedural and substantive due process of law for appeal of summary action and all other administrative orders to comply.

  • Court Prosecution (7%)

    • Establish and administer a policy defining criteria and procedures for pursuit of civil and criminal prosecution for noncompliance with mandatory construction standards.

    • Administer policies related to statute of limitation, preparation of evidence, and witness standards.

  • Warrants (8%)

    • Acquire and document necessary permission or get a warrant to perform the duties of the code official.

Human Resources (28%)

  • Anti-discrimination Policy (10%)

    • Administer a policy ensuring that treatment of all employees complies with applicable civil rights, disability accommodation, and other anti-discrimination laws.

  • Employee Working Conditions (9%)

    • Ensure that employee working conditions comply with applicable labor, health, and safety laws.

  • Employee Discipline and Grievances (9%)

    • Administer policies and procedures for handling employee discipline and for administrative due process of employee grievances.

Public Records (11%)

  • Reports and Records (6%)

    • Establish and administer procedures for generation and maintenance of inspection, plan review, fire investigation reports, and records.

  • Code Enforcement Records (5%)

    • Establish and administer policies for public access to departmental code enforcement records.

How To Study For CBO Legal Module Exam

Knowing how to tackle answering questions from all of the required sections is a daunting task. Practicing answering building code questions is essential for someone about to take an exam.

In the office, a building official should be able to navigate legislative, code enforcement, human resources, and public records. During an exam, test takers must be able to navigate the Legal Aspects of Code Administration and other required books fast enough to answer all of the questions within the allowed time of 120 minutes (2 Hours).

Certified Building Official Practice Test Study Recommendation

Building Code Masters recommends that test takers be able to do the following before taking a certification test:

  1. Have the table of contents and index tabbed for easy access.

  2. Be able to look up 75 practice test questions in under 1 hour.

  3. Know the location of and mark all important tables.

This basic three step formula has proven successful for several examinees and speed is key just as it is in the field. Building Code Masters has several practice exams for code enforcement professionals to test their skills and learn the most essential questions and scenarios they will be presented with.

How to Take the 2021 Certified Building Official Legal Module Exam

The final step in completing your certification is scheduling and taking the examination. All exams can be schedule from the exam catalog or ICC account. Either log in to your account and follow the credentials tab OR go directly to the exam catalog and schedule from there.

From myICC account:

myICC exam catalog schedule

From Exam catalog:

Exam catalog schedule


Good luck to all the examinees! May your hard work and dedication be reflected in your exam results. Trust in your preparation, stay confident, and give it your best effort. Wishing you success and a bright future in your endeavors!


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