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2021 ICC Commercial Inspector Practice Tests

Building Code Masters' commercial mechanical, electrical, and plumbing practice exams are an one of the best resources for ICC commercial inspector exam preparation. These practice exams replicate the difficulty of exam code questions, offering candidates a realistic and confidence-boosting experience. Covering the same material areas as the real certification, these practice tests not only evaluate knowledge but also enhance candidates' understanding of essential concepts. With code references for every question, candidates can efficiently focus on their weaknesses, making Building Code Masters' exams an indispensable tool for ICC exam success.

2021 ICC Commercial Mechanical Inspector Practice Test

Commercial Mechanical Inspector practice exams are essential for studying for the ICC Certification. This practice exams focuses on evaluating the inspector's ability to interpret and apply specific sections of the code accurately. Inspectors must be adept at locating pertinent regulations within the International Mechanical Code, enabling them to provide precise and reliable information to applicants, contractors, property owners, and colleagues. By honing these skills, these practice exams ensure that commercial mechanical inspectors are well-prepared to enforce regulations and uphold the safety and compliance standards of mechanical systems in commercial settings.

commercial mechanical inspector practice test

Sample IMC Questions

1. A listed device installed in ducts and air transfer openings designed to close automatically upon detection of heat and to restrict the passage of flame.

a. Automatic Damper

b. Fire Damper

c. Smoke Damper

d. Mechanical Damper

2. A manually or automatically controlled device to regulate draft or the rate of flow of air or combustion gases.

a. Plenum

b. Transfer fitting

c. Exhaust duct

d. Damper

3. A continuous passageway for the transmission of air that, in addition to ducts, includes duct fittings, dampers, plenums, fans and accessory air-handling equipment and appliances.

a. Plenum

b. Smoke detection system

c. Plenum system

d. Duct System

2021 ICC Commercial Electrical Inspector Practice Test

Commercial Electrical Inspector practice exams are great for inspecting a wide spectrum of electrical systems in commercial and industrial buildings, both indoors and outdoors, without limitations on voltage or amperage. These exams are designed to thoroughly assess the inspector's ability to evaluate services, conductors, equipment, fixtures, appliances, devices, and electrical appurtenances across diverse building types. By preparing inspectors for such comprehensive assessments, these practice exams equip them with the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the safe and compliant installation or alteration of electrical systems and pass the ICC Certification.

commercial electrical inspector practice test

Sample NEC Questions

1. Service entrance cables shall be supported by straps within how much of every service head?

a. 10 in

b. 8 in

c. 15 in

d. 12 in

2. For 18 AWG copper wire what is one acceptable fuse for protection?

a. Class FS

b. Class CA

c. Class CC

d. Class CM

3. Fixture wire shall be permitted to be tapped into a 50 amp branch circuit conductor if the AWG of the fixture wire is how much?

a. 12 AWG or larger

b. 10 AWG or larger

c. 8 AWG or larger

d. 6 AWG or larger

2021 ICC Commercial Plumbing Inspector Practice Test

Commercial Plumbing Inspector practice exams are indispensable for professionals responsible for verifying the design, installation, and inspections of plumbing systems in commercial environments. These exams ensure that inspectors are adept at evaluating proper pipe sizing, installation techniques, and testing procedures for drainage, water supply, and storage systems. Inspectors are challenged on their ability to validate the installation of fixtures, safety devices, water heaters, and specialty fixtures, all while adhering to the International Plumbing Code and local jurisdiction standards. Additionally, these practice exams assess their expertise in storm water systems, special waste systems, and nonflammable medical and nonmedical oxygen piping systems.

commercial plumbing inspector practice test

Sample IPC Questions

1. The maximum horizontal spacing to support copper or copper-alloy pipe is _____ feet.

a. 6 ft

b. 12 ft

c. 10 ft

d. 4 ft

2. For pipe sizes greater than _____ inches, restraints shall be provided for drain pipes at all changes in direction and at all changes in diameter greater than two pipe sizes.

a. 8 in

b. 6 in

c. 5 in

d. 4 in

3. Urinal partitions shall begin not more than 12 inches from and extend not less than _____ inches above the finished floor surface.

a. 60 in

b. 40 in

c. 50 in

d. 80 in

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