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2021 ICC Residential Inspector Practice Tests

Building Code Masters' residential mechanical, electrical, and plumbing practice exams are an one of the best resources for ICC exam preparation. These practice exams replicate the difficulty of exam code questions, offering candidates a realistic and confidence-boosting experience. Covering the same material areas as the real certification, these practice tests not only evaluate knowledge but also enhance candidates' understanding of essential concepts. With code references for every question, candidates can efficiently focus on their weaknesses, making Building Code Masters' exams an indispensable tool for ICC exam success.

2021 ICC Residential Mechanical Inspector Practice Test

Residential Mechanical Inspector practice exams are crucial for individuals in this role, tasked with inspecting mechanical systems and fuel gas distribution in one-and-two family dwellings. These exams are designed to ensure inspectors have a profound understanding of the necessary standards, guaranteeing the safety of life, property, and public welfare.

Residential mechanical inspector practice test

Sample IRC Mechanical Questions

1. A chimney connector shall not be smaller than the ______ of the appliance?

a. Collar Band

b. Flue Termination

c. Flue Collar

d. Termination point

2. For mechanical systems, a level working space at least how many inches deep and how many inches wide shall be provided in front of the control side to service an appliance?

a. 30 in by 28 in

b. 28 in by 30 in

c. 32 in by 36 in

d. 30 in by 30 in

3. Type B and BW vents shall be tested in accordance with what standard?

a. UL 435

b. UL 441

c. UL 440

d. UL 400

2021 ICC Residential Electrical Inspector Practice Test

Residential Electrical Inspector practice exams are a great tool to study for an ICC certification. These exams are tailored to evaluate the installation and modification of electrical systems, covering a comprehensive range of components such as services, conductors, equipment, fixtures, appliances, devices, and electrical appurtenances. The focus on parameters like 120/240 volts, single phase, up to 400 amperes ensures inspectors have a deep understanding of the specific standards applicable to residential settings. By preparing inspectors to assess both indoor and outdoor systems, these practice exams equip them with the necessary expertise to guarantee the safety and compliance of electrical installations in homes.

Residential electrical inspector practice test

Sample IRC Electrical Questions

1. Cords that supply swimming pool equipment shall have a copper equipment grounding conductor not smaller than what AWG?

a. 12

b. 13

c. 14

d. 18

2. Where raceways are installed in wet locations above grade, the interior of such raceways shall be considered to be a ______ location.

a. Hazardous

b. Wet

c. Damp

d. Sealed

3. Receptacles shall be installed so that no point along the floor line in any wall space is more than how many feet, measured horizontally, from an outlet in that space?

a. 5 ft

b. 6 ft

c. 3 ft

d. 2 ft

2021 ICC Residential Plumbing Inspector Practice Test

Residential Plumbing Inspector practice exams are a great tool to study for an ICC certification. These exams comprehensively cover the inspector's duties, including verifying the installation and testing of piping systems, protection of piping systems and building components, and adherence to minimum fixture requirements. Inspectors must be knowledgeable about approved materials, fixtures, flow rates, pressures, volume, and temperature standards, as well as safeguarding the potable water supply and distribution system. Additionally, these exams assess inspectors' understanding of materials, joints, connections, and appliances, including fuel gas piping, combustion air, and necessary venting. By preparing inspectors for these varied responsibilities, these practice exams equip them to uphold the integrity and safety of residential plumbing installations.

Residential plumbing inspector practice test

Sample IRC Plumbing Questions

1. Common trapped fixture outlets shall not be more than how many inches apart?

a. 32 in

b. 30 in

c. 34 in

d. 36 in

2. Water distribution service pipe shall be of what minimum size?

a. 5/16 in

b. 3/4 in

c. 3/8 in

d. 1/2 in

3. Water service pipe shall conform to what standard?

a. NSF 69

b. NSF 54

c. NSF 22

d. NSF 61


Practice Exams

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