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2018 Residential Electrical Inspector Practice Exam

2018 Residential Electrical Inspector (E1) - Practice Exam


Designed for those taking the ICC® Residential Electrical Inspector Certification Exam (E1)


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This practice exam is designed for those taking the (2018 Residential Electrical Inspector, E1) exam from the ICC. Test yourself on the most important areas of the code and learn the answers to some of the most challenging code questions. Included in this comprehensive practice test are the keys to understanding how to take a code exam. Don’t rely on your own experience for the exam. Completing multiple practice questions is essential for passing a building code examination and the best way to eliminate taking an exam multiple times.


Included in the practice exam:


  • 60 Question multiple-choice exam

  • Code references for every question


This exam covers: 


  • General Requirements

  • Services

  • Branch Circuit and Feeder Requirements

  • Wiring Methods And Power and Lighting Distribution

  • Devices, Lighting Fixtures, and Appliances

  • Swimming Pools and Similar Installations


Material required:


  • National Electrical Code (NEC)

  • International Residential Code®


With this practice exam and the required texts you will learn to:


  • Build speed in finding references in the text so that you do not run out of time on an exam

  • Learn to use tables and apply them to questions

  • Navigate the code book(s) thoroughly including footnote comments on tables and exception references


*All exams delivered in PDF format.

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